What is all this talk about the Blood Moon (Tetrad) Prophecy? What Does it Mean? Why Should I Care?

What is a Tetrad?

2014-2015 biblical tetrads A Tetrad is a series of 4 "Blood Moons" (or Lunar Eclipses) back to back. This phenomena occurs when the earth blocks the light from the sun and causes a dark shadow on the moon. This shadow, due to atmospheric gases and other elements, make the moon to appear as "blood red"

What is the Significance of a "Blood Moon" (Lunar Eclipse)?

A "Blood Moon" or lunar eclipse is actually pretty common...In fact, they have occurred over the course of recorded history 12,000+ times between 1999BC and 2015AD.

What is the Significance of a Tetrad?

A Tetrad occurs when there are 4 of these "Blood Moons" (total Lunar Eclipses) back to back within a 2 year time span. This is a lot less commmon than a random lunar eclipse. In fact, a Tetrad has only been recorded in history 3 times in the past 72 years.

What is the Significance of a Biblical Tetrad?

As stated above, the Tetrad is not too common of a phenomenon, and a biblical Tetrad is even less common. A biblical Tetrad also occurs within a 2 year time frame, however, it only occurs over a year/time that has significant biblical/Jewish holidays. Specifically, the Jewish Passover, and the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles. This event is so rare (even statistically improbable), that there have only been 7 of these occurances since 1AD. One of the major reasons for this is that these holidays float to different dates based upon the Jewish calendar each year and do not follow our traditional 12-month calendar. This year will be the 8th Biblical Tetrad occurance and there will not be another occurance for over 500 years! Additionally, this Tetrad had a total solar eclipse on October 23, 2014 and this year is a Jewish Shmettah (7th) year followed by a Jewish Jubilee year next year (50th year). Only God knows when the rapture will occur, but based upon scripture (which has never been mis-proven on any other topic) we can assume that it won't be too long before we see our Lord return!

Why is this Biblical Tetrad likely to be the last we see before the Rapture?

Here's a simple synopsis:

1 Many of the signs from the bible have occurred (Israel was restablished, Jerusalem came under control of the Jews, wars and rumors of wars have occurred) (Matthew 24:3-8)
2 Jesus said that the generation that sees these signs, would see His return (Matthew 24:32-35)
3 Every other biblical Tetrad has had significant impact to the Jews
4 There is not another Tetrad for 500 years

See below, the list of events that have occurred during the previous 3 Tetrads;

1493-1494 Expulsion of the Jews from Spain
1949-1950 Israel became a nation
1967-1968 Jerusalem was recaptured by Israel (Miraculous 6-Day War that Israel should have never won by all statistical probability.)
2014-2015 Iran / U.S. nuclear deal lifts sanctions, providing monetary influx and increased military action against Israel.

2014-2015 Schedule of Tetrads (Blood Moons)

The first three total eclipses in this lunar tetrad occurred on:

1 Lunar Eclipse - April 15, 2014
2 Lunar Eclipse - October 8, 2014
3 Solar Eclipse - October 23, 2014
3 Lunar Eclipse - April 4, 2015

The last eclipse of the tetrad occurred on:

4 September 28, 2015

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